Powerful Traffic Ideas To Skyrocket Your Online Sales

traffic idea to skyrocket online sales and get more leadsDo you know that having a professional site without traffic is like having a brand new car without fuel?  It’s certain you can’t move anywhere with it except you fuel the car. Website without traffic will definitely give you no result.

Just this last weekend, we trained some of our MeritChoice Business Academy (MBA) students on how to create their own WordPress websites and blog to run their online business and everyone that attended the workshop launched their websites before they left the class.

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But I also mentioned an important point that having a website does not automatically transit to money. Someone came to me sometimes ago and showed me one lovely website, professionally designed with eye catching images. I must confess to you, I was wowed by the design.

But he was not that excited about the site as I was. He has spent quite a lot of money to get it done but has not made a kobo on the site. I asked, what happened? The challenge is that nobody is visiting the site.

If you have a great website with the best products and services in the world and nobody is visiting it, you just added a decorating e-ornament to the cyberworld. You won’t make a dime from your work.

So, what is the secret of online success?

It is a straight forward answer – TRAFFIC.

Okay, that is no brainer to you if you’ve been trying to make money online. But often time, most of the internet marketers or online business owners struggle to get traffic. Some even pay so much to get traffic but at the end of the day is a bitter lost of hard earn cash.

But today, I have a plan that will permanently resolve that traffic challenge that is almost forcing you to abandon any thing that has to do with online business.

Before I reveal my solution plan to you, let me buttress my point with the email I receive of recent:

Good day sir, how are you doing?

Please what is the best way to promote online and make sales?
Am tired of posting to groups without any sales,
I need guideline of how to make use of paid advert and stop wasting my time.
– Tunde S.

As you can see, Tunde is a determined online marketer who is doing all his best to get result and traffic but he is doing it in hard way. Posting manually to group can be extremely tasking and there is no assurance of getting result either.

Taking paid advert is not even the solution because if you don’t get it right too, you may eventually be wasting your money.

Therefore, what is my plan for you?

I want to show you a convenient way to get free or paid traffic that gives you huge result without spending above your budget.

I want to show you how to post to social media like Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and thousands of groups without clicking a mouse button. Are you surprised? Have you ever thought that such is possible?

My actually plan is to show you all these strategies I have been using to get my traffic in a live seminar which will come up this Saturday, 21st October, 2017 at MeritChoice Office, #129, Atinuke Plaza, Block F, Beside Rainoil Filling Station, Okota, Lagos.

This is going to be the most valuable training you will attend as an internet marketer, someone that has online business or intending to start one soon. It will also help you, if you are presently promoting any thing online.

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I have not really seen anyone promoting this new idea that I will be teaching this Saturday. It’s a raw goldmine. Don’t miss it.


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