How to Turn a URL or Text to a Clickable Link in MagicResponder

If you are a user of MagicResponder system,  like the one on, you can broadcast both SMS and email to you list of subscribers. You may want to send  mail that has hyperlink which people can click to be able to visit your website, blog, affiliate link or product/services you are promoting. Follow the instruction below to be able to turn a URL or texts into hyperlink.

Method -1

You can create the link in document processing application like MS-Word. MS-Word has a feature that can help you easily convert a link to hyperlink.   After typing a link in MS-Word, just tap your keyboard space bar and it will immediately turn to hyperlink. Then copy and paste the link into the Magicresponder compose box.

But if you are converting texts to hypelink, you will need to follow this procedure in MS-Word.

1. Highlight the words and right click on them. From the shortcut menu, choose Hyperlink… See the image below for sample. magic-res-12. Enter the link you want your subscriber to visit in the Insert Hyperlink dialogue box as shown in the image below: magic-res-2 3. After the hyperlink has been created, copy and paste it into the Compose box of MagicResponder, just like the example below; magic-res-3 Method – 2

This method shows you how to convert a url or text to hyperlink inside the compose box of MagicResponder.

  1. After composing your mail and you are ready to broadcast it, highlight the URL or texts you want to convert to hyperlink. Click on the link tool as indicated by the red arrow on the image below.

magic-res-4   2. It will pop up another box as indicated on the image below, type the URL you want into the text box indicated with red arrow              and click on OK button.

m13.  Return to the MagicResponder Compose box and you can now see that the link is now clickable.

We hope with the illustration above, you will be able to turn your url to a clickable link when sending a link to your subscribers via MagicResponder. If you have any question or comment, kindly use the comment box below.


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