Valuable Crypto Coins With Potential of Over 100 Percent Growth

I have no doubt that this year 2020 will be the best year ever.

It is a strategic year for anyone that wishes to become a millionaire. Remember how long people had been talking about vision 2020. That was as far back as the 90s. Now that we are in 2020, there is this market the universe is backing up to create a fortune for you and I. It is a cryptocurrency market.

There has been a high rise in the price of cryptocurrency coin and token generally but some few ones have been producing killing profits.

I have started sharing these wonderful coins with my students. I have decided to give three of these coins to my students this week and I will be sharing more with them every week.

Let me tell you about these coins and you need to tap into them too now. I will only be sharing with you coins that have the potential of giving you 100% profit growth or above in 30 days.

One of the coins has been growing and it has done about 221% in 58 days, that is about 2 months, making over 100% per month.

The second coin has gained over 154% profit in 15 days. But this same coin has grown profit of about 1,057% in 127 days, that is about 4 months. Imagine that you had invested 1,000.00 USD into this, that is about N360,000.00 and you had waited for 4 months to cash out, then you should have about 11,570.00 USD now which is about N4,165,200.00.

The third coin has already gained over 181% in 12 days. Just imagine investing 1,000USD and making 2,810.00 USD in 12 days. That is about N1,011,600.00 from just N360,000 in less than a month. Let me tell you that the effect of bitcoin halving is already here with us.

If you still don’t understand the meaning of bitcoin halving, click the link below to read my report about it and also watch my presentation video on it.

If you are not investing in crypto this year, you are simply wasting the year financially.

You don’t even need to trade to achieve this. All you want to do is to buy the coin and hold it to grow. It doesn’t matter how much you have you too can be part of it. Though, if you are trading daily or regularly you may make more than that.

Why don’t you join me this Thursday, 16th January 2020 for another live seminar on Cryptocurrency Investing & Trading? It is always a powerful class. This is where you can get an in-depth knowledge of crypto trading. Time is 11.00 am.

White House,
#90B, Okota Road,
Opposite Abbey Mortgage Bank, Chemist Bus Stop,
Okota, Lagos.

Fee: N30,500.00 (Get in at this price to enjoy how to automate your trading without using manual method. After this month, you will need to pay extra to learn more about this.).

Click the link below to read more and learn about how to register:


I have been getting request from those that which to buy-and-hold valuable coins for maximum profit. As a matter of fact, I have over 10 profitable coins that will give about 100% return on your investment in 30 days or thereabout.

You don’t need to do anything, just buy and hold for 30 days or more, depending on the bullish nature of the coin.

So, I only want to provide this service for a few individuals that are interested in this.

Every week, I will be giving you coins that you can buy that will give you good returns. Then, I will tell you when the coin has exhausted its uptrend capability so that you can sell it and keep your maximum profit.

This will be a monthly subscription service.

I am hoping to provide this service at the rate of N25,000.00 per month. But I will give a discount of N10,000.00 for the early birds that subscribe this week. It means you will only pay N15,000.00. You will not only receive an alert of rising coins but you will be able to opt-out at the appropriate time so that you can keep your maximum profit.

We shall be using WhatsApp as our mode of communication. If you are interested, kindly pick your phone and call this number to know how to be part of this special crypto-money-maker group.

Call NOW: 08027097030


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