If You Want To Start Work In USA By April 2018 Read This Email NOW

You read that title? That really sounds crazy and unbelievable, right?

I didn’t believe it too until I got all the details. You see, “something just happen right now” (in Lasisi’s voice) and you need to be attentive and follow me through right now. This is not a joke.

Will you believe it if I tell you that it is possible for you to be in USA by April 2018 to start legitimate work and enjoy all the benefits that any bonafide citizen of America has access to?

“You said what, USA in April this year?” Yeah, that will be the response of many that have struggled so much for years to get USA Visa to travel out. If you have nursed that strong desire to travel out especially to USA, God’s own country, to further your career or to improve your life, thank your star because God has decided to make your dream comes to past with what I want to tell you right now.

I mentioned about Caregivers Certification of recent that is being awarded by American Caregivers Association (ACA). This is a big and professional career in America and they often need a lot of people to serve as Caregivers.

Through Ghalp Caregivers Academy (GCA) a training school that has the franchise to train people in West Africa for caregiving, a mandate have be given to them to train and recruit 2,800 people by the end of March that are ready to be in US for caregiving service by April, 2018.

Let me say that this is a professional job in USA and you may not be employed to work as a caregiver if you don’t have certification. That is why certification is the first thing for anybody that wants to be in USA for this employment we are talking about.

But I can assure you that getting job after the training is as sure as you knowing your own name.

The training plan is on now and the 2,800 spaces are getting filled up already. You know that this is Nigeria. You should know the numbers of people that queue at USA embassy day in day out are far more than 2,800 and they could go any length to get visa. But with this programme, your traveling is coming on platter of gold.

I don’t want you to miss this opportunity and you need to jump in right now. Click the link below to register and get the free report of all what you need to be part of it.

Kindly register here 

Though, I announced to you about the CAREGIVER AWARENESS SEMINAR coming up on Wednesday 10th January, 2018, yes it is still coming up. But I don’t want you to miss the opportunity because as you are waiting to for the awareness, other person are already registering and joining the training.

I don’t want you to blame me for causing your slow-motion in taking action.

Download the material and read through to understand if the opportunity is for you. The minimum qualification is SSCE. If you are not interested, someone around you may be interested. Pass it to them.

In case you have registered before, no problem, just re-register because you will be re-directed now to get the newly uploaded Free Report in PDF. Hurry now to click the link:

Get the report here

Free Caregivers Opportunity Awareness Seminar – Wednesday, 10th January, 2018

Of course, that is what you just read about. And that USA job opportunity is real and is hot. If you want to know more about it, then, be around on Wednesday, 9th January, 2018. Honestly, don’t joke with this, you can be in USA in April, 2018 or one of your family members can be.

The Awareness shall also be at Ibadan on 18th January, 2018 and at Onitsha on 20th January, 2018. Be ready.

You can register with link here

Free Internet Marketing Seminar – Thursday, 11th January, 2018

I can’t even shout it enough to people’s ears that if there is any skill you should ever get, it is internet marketing skill. In fact, I will want everyone that will be having opportunity to travel abroad through Caregivers programme to have that knowledge because with that knowledge in USA, you will be like a king.

I have personally been so blessed because of Internet marketing knowledge. I can just use the internet to market anything and keep making money.

Now that you have the opportunity to have the knowledge for free, why don’t you join me on Thursday, 10th January, 2018 and let me show you how you can use the internet marketing knowledge to start making N300k to N1million monthly.

Click here to register:

Mini-Importation Seminar and Video Product/Marketing Creation – Saturday, 13th January, 2018

We are already getting fantastic testimonial from some of the members of our Mini-Importation Forum. They are making sales already. What an exciting way to start the New Year?

But the opportunity is still available for those that have not attended our seminar before. This coming Saturday, 13th January, 2018, we will be holding two seminars which are highly important for anybody that is interested in Mini-Importation or that is already there.

The Mini-Importation Seminar will start by 9am-11am and we will do the video product/marketing creation after. For you to attend the Mini-Importation Seminar.

Click this link here to register:

You see, we noticed that people respond to video faster this day and so, as an ecommerce merchant, you want to learn how to create product and maketing video. You want to know how to edit and customize it to be like yours. Therefore, this is an important seminar you should not miss.

Click here to reserve your seat


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