WEBSITE AND BLOG DESIGN WORKSHOP– How To Design Website and Blog With WordPress Within 30 Minutes Without Hiring A Webmaster

This is a live and online course that teaches you how to design website and blog using WordPress. It means, you can attend the live training or choose to participate online.

You will learn how to design website and blog in just 30 minutes and you will never need to hire a webmaster or pay any professional to do that.

 A Great Course for Any Beginner That Aspires To Design Website Like A Professional

The training starts from the basic of website design, giving comprehensive knowledge of the components of website like domain name, hosting space, Cpanel, DNS, HTML etc.

It also let you know the difference between website and blog.

Some of the terms stated above may get a beginner confused and these supposed to be the foundation of any skillful web designer.

This is also well taught because you will always need to communicate with those terms with other web service providers and you should be able to relate the same to your clients.

It is indeed a great course for any beginner that has no prior knowledge about website design.

 Fast Track To Getting The Work Done Like  A Pro

Then, the training delves into how to manage your website with Cpanel, how to install WordPress, how to get new themes, how to personalise and customize your website and blog design to suite the purpose you are designing it for.

The online website design training which has more than 20 Do-It-Yourself videos also shows you the idea you can use to start monetizing your website after creating it.

After all, nobody just wants to have a website for the fun of it, most of us wants to make profit with it.  With this training, you will learn different methods which you can us to make money with your website or blog.

Unfailing Strategies of Making N500k+ Monthly Design Website & Blog for People

The training goes ahead to show unfailing strategies which anyone can use to generate about N500k+ Monthly by design website for individuals, organisations, schools, companies, local businesses etc.

There is also a bonus ebook which you can use to start generating the list of your potential clients from the internet.

You will be taught how to follow up the prospective clients and how to eventually turn them to your paying customers after using the tools and resources that you are also giving at the training.

You will really get a lot of value for your money and time investment with this product.

There is online version of the training and you can be part of it from anywhere you are in the world.

Click here to join the online version of the Website and blog Design Workshop.

In case you prefer to be part of the live workshop, which comes up at different time, you can as well click here for the next day of the live training.

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