Why My Email Marketing Campaign Collapsed Plus Plan To Get Out of The Mess

Like, how can anyone run an online business without email marketing?

Is that really possible? I don’t know.

Anyway, I know. it is possible.

You can do that with social media these days. My wife does that.

But how effective is that compared to implementing a functioning email marketing strategy? Don’t just compare the two. It’s like comparing flying a jet with driving a sports car. They both have speed but “speed pass speed”.

So, what do you do when your email marketing system breaks down?

For years, I have been using our custom built email marketing system. I tried using getresponse around 2005 to 2006 (or possibly earlier before then) but I don’t like paying that monthly fee while I am still paying for my web hosting server.

“Can’t I host my websites on the same server and send my email in peace?” I wondered.

Thankfully, my programming background helped me to figure out the solution and I never touched the internet marketers’ hall of fame systems – getresponse and aweber with a long pole.

So, over the years, we built hundreds to thousands of recipients on our email list. I must confess, it is an important infrastructure that every internet marketer must build. It’s always a life saver.

Whenever you are broke, get a product or service, crank out an email, pop it out with a click to the list and pronto, see money filling your bank accounts.

It is that simple.

Did I just say simple? Anyway, for those that know about it, it is.

For the other set of people, that could be a hell of a technical limpopo. (Does it make sense to use the word “limpopo”? It sounds to me like “something limping”. Do you get it? If you don’t gerrit forget about it. )

Anyway, my purpose here is to say that, for the first time in a long while, the system failed. The open rate noise dived. After sending an email out for about 10 minutes and no single opening of the email from anyone on the massive list, I knew there was a problem.

After some assessment, no one with yahoo email got the message. I was shocked. Most of the gmail recipients got it in their spam folders. Which demon is behind this? I started binding.

So, for a whole week, I went back to programming, figuring out what could be the issue. After scrambling through the wild wide world web of tech stuff, I started getting a glimpse of light as I zeroed down on what could be the problem.

That’s why I thought it necessary to give a chronological steps I am taking to resolve the issue.

“So, what is my own concern with your problem?”, you are probably asking.

My dear, it has a lot to do with you o! Especially, if you are an internet marketer or aspiring one. You may not even view yourself as an internet marketer but if you like to do business online, you will need some of the information I will be sharing. Just make sure you follow up with me on this space.

Let me conclude by saying, if you always receive email from me and you have not been getting any lately, it is due to the recent challenge I just expressed here.

Please, do yourself and I a favour. Open your email and check your spam folder, if any of my email is there, tell gmail and yahoo that it is not spam. Whitelist the email so that you can be receiving my message directly in your inbox.

But if you are tired of receiving email from me, simply scroll down, see the unsubscribe link and click it. We will opt you out immediately from the list and you will never get a message directly from me again.

I think that will be a fair deal, right?

But think twice before you opt out. I am cooking something delicious, you don’t want to miss it.

This is like PART-1 of my account on the challenge I have about my email marketing. You can check the follow up by reading my post on Server’s Law That Bounces Off My Email & Send Other To Spam Folder



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