Why You Need to Start Building Your Loan History NOW As Business Owner

In my recent message, I made a very important point about getting access to loan any time you need and what I said is that;

“You don’t start seeking for loan the day you need it, you must have prepared for the day you will need the loan.”

As a business owner or someone planning to start his or her business soon who knows the importance of having fund to carry out his or her business, the best time to start a perfect plan to gain access to fund any time you need it is now.

But how do you do that?

Before I give you the reason, I want to tell you why you need to have financial institution as your partner in business or even when you need fund for personal use. If you don’t have a financial institution by your side which you can easily and quickly look up to for financial help, you will soon find out that nobody has money around you especially the day you need financial assistance.

Have that happened to you before? You have a family member that has been spending wildly lately and you just approach him or her that you need some token as loan to take care of something. The next thing you will hear is story of how he or she does not have enough money to take care of his or her bills. Your friends and associates may be giving you the same story of no money too.

So, as someone in business, you can’t fully rely on informal sources to get loan for your business and that is the reason you should have financial institutions that can get you the loan you need as fast as possible as your ally.

This is also part of what you will learn from our CBN Loan Orientation Session, whether you attend the live class or you take the online session.


So, what is the importance of loan history? Before you can build loan history, you must have already registered with some financial institutions that can give you loan any time you need it. What you want to start doing with such institutions is to create relationship with them by doing two things.

The first is saving your money with them and second is accessing frequent loan from them.

When you get loan with your financial institution and you repay back promptly, they fall in love with you and ready to give you more money. Most moneylender won’t start borrowing you large sum of money especially if such money does not require collateral. But over time, when you have got loan from them, they start increasing the money.

Therefore, if your intention is to be able to get N5million naira from your moneylender, don’t expect that they will give you such huge amount of money the very first day you approach them. What you simply want to tell them is that, “See, Moneylender, you can trust me that I can repay any amount of money you give me, so I will prove that to you by starting with just N50,000.00 with you”

Though, the money may look small but believe me honestly, that is how trust can be build over time.

You want to start right now, getting some loan at small range before you need the big money. Collect it and return. The day you need the big fund, even if one financial institution is not ready to give you, another one will do because they would have seen your loan history that you don’t default. At that point, you become the delight of moneylender and they all can start pursuing with money because they are seeing your loan history already.

For comprehensive details about this, kindly come around for the CBN Loan Orientation Session or get the online version of it by clicking the link below:



We also have a Loan Mentorship Forum (LMF) where we are helping members to start building their loan history for bigger fund opportunities. This LMF is also well explained under the CBN Loan Orientation Session.

It is where you take the real action towards building your business with adequate fund. By God’s grace, we have several people that are already involved with this in Lagos but we are specifically creating another group for those that are in Lekki, VI and Ajah axis of Lagos.

If you stay around these areas and you want to start building your loan history and credibility and you are already a member of LMF, send SMS to any of these our number: 08027097030 or 08120843639 in the format below:

LMF LEKKI First Name Surname Email Phone number

E.g: If I am going to send the SMS with my name, it will be like this:

LMF LEKKI Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola admin@fastecash.com 08027097030

Please make sure you do that as soon as you get this message because we are already forming the LMF Group for the area. We shall be adding members to the group base on first come first serve.

If you are not yet a member of LMF, what are you waiting for? Just click the link below to become part of us TODAY:



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