Why You Should Invest The Small Loan In Cryptocurrency

Why You Should Invest The Small Loan In Cryptocurrency

Why You Should Invest The Small Loan In Cryptocurrency

In some few days from now, I will be showing our Loan Mentorship Forum (LMF) members how to start building their own loan history. This is highly important for someone that wants to get to a position of influencing financial institutions with his or her credit rating.

One of the purposes of mentoring is for us to get to a position whereby financial institutions will be the one chasing after you with money and not the other way round. But if you have not got loan before, nobody will trust you with big amount of money.

In my previous teaching, I have said that, you don’t start seeking for loan the day you need it, you start even when you have money and this will give you bigger chance the day you need the “big cash” to do something worthwhile.

So, the place to start may be by borrowing from corporate moneylenders. These moneylenders are not the ones that squeeze your neck to collect back their money if you couldn’t pay on time. Whatever you get from them is recorded on your behalf with Credit Bureau and that improves your credit rating as you pay back the money. If you can’t pay back the money, they simply blacklist you.

Somehow, most of the corporate moneylenders will not start with big money with you. Some of them could be ridiculously offering you money as low as N1,500.00. I know most people will hiss and kick them out.

I know, you will feel like screaming and asking what will you do with N1,500.00? But isn’t it the reason why you need mentoring? So, what I tell LMF member is to collect the money. It is the beginning of building your loan history.

But then, the main question has not been answered. “What will I do with N1,500.00?”.

If you don’t know what to do with it than to spend it without getting returns on it, I will strongly advise you to “Invest it into cryptocurrency”.

“Oh… Gbeminiyi, cut that crap! What of if I loose the money?”

Yeap, I understand your point. Though, the money is small but nobody likes to lose money. What of if we reverse your fear and say, “what of if you gain more on the money?”

Of course, I know you will be happy to see that happening. The truth is, if you don’t invest it, you will spend it. Spending it is almost like losing the money without any gain on it.

But you can’t do blind investment. You need knowledge. I will soon discuss with you about how I gain 60 percent increase on my small investment in cryptocurrency.

For those that are interested in building loan history and becoming big entrepreneur by using Other People Money (OPM) which is loan to build their business, you should join LMF now as we are going into a real mentoring season that will help you make good return from your loan.

Click the link here now to join us:


Of course, you may also come around for our physical training or get the online training to learn more about ways of getting loan without collateral which you can use to start building your loan credibility and also access the best loan ever in Nigeria history which is CBN loan of N10 million.

Click the link below to get access to the information.


I mentioned Investing into cryptocurrency now. Let me say knowledge is the key to succeed in every thing. If you are really interested in learning on how best to invest in crypto, click the link below to learn more.


This coming Saturday is our usual MPS and it is always absolutely free. We regularly bring powerful information across to attendees and you don’t want to miss this weekend summit.
We will also be having a guest speaker who will be speaking on Exportation. This is one area that we should all be looking at for foreign exchange. Don’t miss the coming training.

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