Why You Won’t Make Enough Money Without A Site of Your Own


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I mean, why will anyone not have a personal website at this age?

I am still highly surprised that several businesses including small, medium and some big organizations don’t even have their own websites because it is actually not difficult to get one these days. We have several sites online providing free blog or website to people. The common providers are blogger and WordPress.

You can get to any of the site now and create a blog for yourself or organization in the next 5 minutes. Yes, it is as easy as that. Okay, maybe we have some people that are really not interested in having their own website or blog. The good excuse for them is that they don’t have anything to do with a website.

But see, if you have mind to make money online and you don’t have a website, you are just a joker. Sincerely, I don’t mean to be saucy and don’t get embarrassed by my blunt retort. Just let me explain it to you this way.

If you want to start making money offline, I mean in the real world, you must have a shop or office space where people can meet you and buy things from you. Over time, people identify you with your shop and they can always come again to buy from you.

I live in Lagos and because of my profession; I sometimes visit Computer Village to buy some accessories. When you enter the market, you will immediately be greeted with some set of boys on the street calling you and compelling you to come and buy from them.

Sometimes, some of them can be annoying, pulling your hands and telling you that they have what you are looking for even when you have not told them. These guys will always get “whatever thing” you are looking for. You will think they have a shop in the market, no, they don’t. They are floaters, they are the ones people often refer to as touts.

When you fall in their hands, you may pay double of the amount of the product you want to buy. What they do is to take you to a shop that has the product you are looking for and they will bargain with you and sell to you, sometimes at higher price so that the shop owner can give them their own cut.

Smart guys, you may think. But these guys don’t make money as much as the shop owners. I heard some of them complained in the past that there are good days and bad days for them. They may make money and many times they may not. The shop owner may refuse to cut deal with them even if they bring someone to him. Yes, it happens like that.

This is what I am driving at. If you don’t have your own website and you are thinking of making good money online, you are almost like the offline tout, struggling and hustling to make money online. Don’t be deceived by several adverts you might have seen online. Some will tell you that you don’t need a website to make money online. But the truth is that they are selling to you on a website.

Don’t get me wrong. There are several online business models that can make you money, but you will only be able to make money like the Computer Village boys. You will have good days and bad days. You won’t have a sustainable business.

Anytime any of those boys help me to locate a shop where I could buy something, I don’t contact the boy again, I go to the shop directly and the shop owner makes the 100% profit without giving a cut to anyone. If you are an affiliate marketer and you don’t have website of yours, you are like an online tout. You too need to have a place of yours, which is your website even if you are running affiliate program. This will help you to make more money by promoting other people products from your website and will also assist your customers to always come back to your site to know the next thing you are promoting.


Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola,

IM Coach.

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