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gbeminiyi“Waooh! This is amazing!”

I quite know that a lot of our users will be surprised to see this. It’s only few that can boast that they were aware we were cooking something like this. Anyway, the idea is to give most of our system users a surprise and suddenly discovering this on 1st of March, 2012, the launch date achieve the purpose of making it a surprise!

This is FasteCash eZine! A portal created to showcase wonderful business opportunities and give helpful information and tips to our users and entire world. Honestly, we are set to be a game changer in this area as we are committed to churn out quality information that would have probably been sold for good buck of dollar or naira elsewhere. But you are getting it free!

 Our company, MeritChoice Limited has one objective for all our users this year and that is to assist them to make exceptional profit. That is why we have tagged 2012 as a Year of Exceptional Profit. It is time to make it, it is time to succeed, it is time to make more than enough money, it is time to become super rich and wealthy, if you believe that say a big AMEN!

Our approach to this will not be by just saying it, we have action plans to make this happen. First of all, we are repositioning our online system FasteCash to achieve this goal both for short and long time purpose.

FasteCash Repositions As Online Business Network System
Every one knows FasteCash as an online payment system, but we are having a higher goal for the system now, we are upgrading it to an Online Business Network System. You all know about social network system like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and all the rest. Though we are not turning FasteCash to a social network site but we want it to be more interactive so that it can attract more online merchants and those that love to shop online.

FasteCash will still provide its eWallet service, but will start focusing on helping merchants and customers to network more effectively.

Integration of Info-Mart With FasteCash
We hope to integrate our website at back with FasteCash. InfoMart was formerly with FasteCash but was later separated. You still access InfoMart website with the same FasteCash login details. So, we have some of our users complaining about that as they prefer to have the site with website. Being a listening partner with our dear users, we are heeding to the popular demand and you may soon see all your InfoMart details in your FasteCash account.

“Another surprise on the way?” You asked? May be, may be not, but at least, you know we will soon integrate InfoMart with FasteCash, but there will be adequate information so that the change will not affect the mood of our existing merchants.

MeritChoice Business Academy
There is no better way to acquire higher standard in any endeavour of life than through education. It must be a continuous exercise throughout life. If we are going to produce millionaires through our platform, they must be adequately trained to attain the status, this eventually brought about the creation of MeritChoice Business Academy (MBA) to train our users on business skills and to show them profiting business opportunities.

We shall regularly inform you about the programs of the MBA and we know it will really be of great value to you. At the right side of our eZine, you will see Upcoming Seminars & Events. I want to encourage you to explore our calendar in order to take advantage of our seminars and events. We will make sure to constantly update the calendar, so, you can always check back to check for upcoming seminars and events. 

FasteCash eZine
This is a powerful platform you can’t ignore. We hope to bring you fresh ideas, business opportunities, motivations and lifestyle issues on this platform.

You will need to check this place daily to get information and get empowered in your day to day business. We are working at getting the best writers and experts on different aspects of topics and titles we have on the website. So, don’t be offended if some sections of this eZine are still empty, we will soon fill them with quality information. 

Some of the writers you will be reading from includes Tunji Afuwape. Tunji is a small business and SMEs finance expert, he consults for business owners and executives and organizes seminars, workshop and conferences. He is one of the hard working Nigerian consultants I’ve ever known. He has a lot of information products written to his credit. Check out his write up on Finder’s Fee.

Deon Akintomide is another great writer we are having on this platform, the author of Success Dynamics is a motivator, counsellor, author and publisher. He pastors a church he co-founded with his wife and speaks at conference. Click here to read the excerpt of his book, Success Dynamic

James Gbolagoke is a financial consultant of note. One of the few people that enjoy working with accounting and mathematical figures, this chartered account will aggressively face any volume of calculating figure, disintegrate it and come up with useful analysis. In fact, he is the financial consultant of our company. He decided to write on financial management for us. If you are afraid of dealing with financial figure, then read this advise from James Gbolagoke.

Then you will read from my humble self too. I should write more on Internet business and income opportunities. So, you have a great place to be. My write up on Tripleclicks is a must for anyone that is genuinely interested in making cool and real dollar online legitimately without breaking a sweat. So, check it out now.

We should be having more notable writers and columnists with time and propably, if you see yourself as a great writer and wish to contribute, just send an email to us at with the subject: FasteCash eZine Contributor. Let me know which topics or titles you will like to be writing on. Sending us a sample of your write up will be of a great advantage. We can take our discussion from there and see how we can work together. Sending email to us is not an express acceptance of your proposal to write for us. We have to carry out our necessary assessment before accepting you as one of our writers or columnists. 

MeritChoice Limited Zenith Bank Account Is Now Operational
Since we announced the change of the name of our company from TechClick Limited to MeritChoice Limited, we have been using TechClick Limited Zenith bank account while we have discarded TechClick Limited GTBank account.

We are eventually through with the opening of Zenith Bank account and it is fully operational. So, it simply means that TechClick Limited account with Zenith Bank ceases to be operational from henceforth. We therefore advise that everyone should start paying into the new MeritChoice Limited GTBank and Zenith bank account.

Below are the two accounts;

Account Name: MeritChoice Limited
Account Number: ########## (contact-us for details)

Zenith Bank
Account Name: MeritChoice Limited
Account Number: ########## (contact us for details)

Good News: Pay4Me Price Reduced
This should be a good news for our committed FasteCash Pay4Me service users. We thank God that dollar is dropping against naira at a lovely speed, we hereby reduce our Pay4Me price from N210/$ to N200/$. It means you can now take more order from your fouvorite online stores.


I wish you a lovely day and happy New Month as you explore our wonderful eZine. Don’t forget to post your comment at the end of each article you read, it will greatly be helpful for us to improve on the eZine.

Thanks and God bless you.

To Your Exceptional Profit,

MD/CEO, MeritChoice Limited.

About Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola

Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola is a web developer, internet/information marketer, team leader and an entrepreneur. He is the MD/CEO of MeritChoice Limited. He is currently running an internet marketing programme on How Anyone Can Be Making ₦300k+ Monthly Online. Click here to learn more.

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