You Can Still Buy, Sell and Withdraw Bitcoin With Your Bank Account

For me, cryptocurrency is a blessing to our generation. Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), some other individuals and organisations think otherwise and that was the foundation for the hasty decision that led to the ban of cryptocurrency by the apex bank.

They actually felt that they are doing us good by protecting us from the “scam” of cryptocurrency. A critical look at the digital money and the supporting technology that is known as blockchain shows that the notion concorted for the ban has no strong base and it will not last forever.

I am not here to prove anything for now but to present an important solution to you because this is about us, the individuals of this country who need to be in charge of our destinies as it is certain that the government thinks less of us.

Since CBN banned us from trading crypto using our bank accounts, a lot of people have been stranded. It used to be easy for us to transfer money from a bank to a crypto exchange account and get our crypto wallet funded immediately. You can also withdraw from your wallet and get your bank account funded instantly.

But do you think people have stopped transacting, trading, buying and selling bitcoin and other coins because of the CBN ban? No. The transaction has even increased. Immediately after the ban, we made a lot of money because the bitcoin price rose to an all-time high.

One solution we are able to present to you after the ban is This very active and efficient website will help you sell your bitcoin in a jiffy. With, you can withdraw bitcoin of any amount and get the naira value paid into your bank account within 5 to 10 minutes.

Beside, nobody will ever know that you did any crypto transaction, including your bank and CBN. It is the perfect solution available n Nigeria now.

Though, MeritXtra is only designed for you to get paid for your bitcoin. It is a solution for you to withdraw money from your bitcoin wallet and have the money paid into your bank account in a stress-free manner without you talking to anybody.

Today, I am giving you another solution. I want to show you how to fund your wallet without any hassle.

I have received a lot of calls from people who want to bitcoin and hoped if I sell. But as usual, I told them all that they don’t need to call anybody to buy bitcoin.  It is possible for you to still use your bank account with the existing online technology to do the transaction without anybody knowing what you are doing.

There is a way we do that and there is no dull moment at any day for us that have discovered the secret. So, here is the solution I am talking about.

I have packaged it as a step-by-step guide that will let you start buying bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency using your bank account. I can assure you that it is trouble-free.

In fact, you can make money with this same knowledge selling to others that don’t have the information.

There is no doubt that cryptocurrency opportunities are the hottest in Nigeria and around the world now. It has helped a lot of us to edge the daily loss of naira value. The rate at which naira keeps losing value is alarming and the only solution I can see for any smart person to stop the mess is cryptocurrency trading.

This is the best guide to discover the shortcut to buying, selling and withdrawing from your crypto wallet at any time you need to, still using your bank account.

I want you to click the link below to see the full information.

Then, take advantage of information today.


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