You Cannot Lose Money In Crypto Market As They Do In Forex

Yeah, the cryptocurrency market has similarity with forex. It is also volatile but not as “dangerous” as forex market. Let me explain what I mean by that.

Volatility means that the price of the currency you purchase can change at any time, within second or minutes and the quick changes is the real opportunity that helps us to make money in the markets.

When the price goes low, it provides you opportunity to buy and then, within five minutes or even less, it can go very high and then, you make a fortune by selling.

But in forex trading, if the price goes too low against the amount of money you have, then, you will lose all your money because the market is traded on what is called leverage.

But if the market moves against you in crypto, the value of your coin may reduce, but you don’t lose your asset and you can recover back after a while.

For example, today, I posted a buying signal to our student on WhatSApp forum to buy a coin that is on the rise. The coin fell from $22 to about $15 about some weeks ago but that does not say that your coins will reduce or disappear.

Now the coin is on the rise and it will likely hit $30 soon. So, in crypto market, if the market moves against you and you lose the value of the coin (you can’t lose the coin), you just have to wait for the coin to appreciate again before you sell.

So, you may want to compare crypto market with landed property which always have the potential of appreciating.

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We will also be having the free training session known as, “Blow My Mind With Crypto” at Ibadan too from 10am to 12pm before the real practical class.

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